The operation manual

Operation Manual

The operation manual is the main guideline for all operation procedures inside the restaurant or café for all the staff such as customer service, back offices like the kitchen or the counter employees.

Its main target is to accurately register all specifications for the services and products offered by the place and keep the quality standards consistent all the time.

It is noticed that the quality of service is not consistent in some famous brands or can differ from a branch to another. This is due to not having an operation manual or not knowing the correct way of performance control or the lack of staff training.

Due to the strong existing competition, having an operation manual becomes rather important and not a luxury. It is the backbone for any new operation, and any new staff must get a good training on the operation procedure to ensure a lasting success.

In Deyafa Business we can help you get your restaurant or café  with International standards according to the nature of the place. The manual includes standardized details and specifications of the products and services offered to your clients, in addition to the following points:-

            Basic manual contents :

Basics of staff general look and hygiene (New staff handbook).

Basics and procedures of food handling.

Critical points analysis (HACCP).

Basics of hygiene and sanitation in Operation manual.

Basics of safety and security at work.

Organization and management chart.

Job specifications for the main jobs in the restaurant.

Food cycle (Basics of receiving and storage).

Procedures and duties of front line and back stage staff.

Preparation and operation of products (Including Menu items).

Products quality specifications.

Handling customers’ complaints.

Management staff duties and responsibilities and opening and closing procedures of the restaurant.

Forms and attachments required for the operation.

The operation manual

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