About Us

Deyafa Business
We specialize in establishing all types of restaurants and Cafes. We implement our gained long experiences in developing successful projects. In addition to our management and operation expertise, which is one of the most important factors for the success of any business, we also provide basic services always in demand for existing or new projects.

About Us

Our Vision

Provide a successful example for our existing clients and maintain dynamic communication to continue our constant progress in our work field.

Img 2010
layer Founding Stage

Ingaz group company was established back in 2010, www.ingazgroup.com
We were the first company specialized in establishing restaurants and Cafes, providing professional services for such businesses.
Our founders enjoy long hard earned practical experience in local and International companies and a successful track record in managing and operation projects worth millions. We extend our services to existing projects in addition to new ones in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

Img 2016
layer2 Expansion Stage

In 2016, and due to increasing demand, we added numerous talented professional to our work force and managed to include more services and a wider scope of work in various specialties.

Img 2020
layer3 Development Stage

In 2020, we launched our site www.deyafabusiness.com and added our recruitment and staffing service to cater for the touristic projects’ needs. The site has become an integrated service platform for the hospitality and food and beverage companies such as restaurants, Cafes, hotels, resorts, food outlets, etc.


1. We are constantly responsible for our clients’ success.
2. We strive always to avoid and forecast problems and provide remedial solutions.
3. We listen carefully to our clients and provide prompt recommendations based on our vast previous experience.
4. We are detail-oriented and pay attention to particulars that others may overlook.
5. We are result-oriented and always forecast consequences for any decisions taken.

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