Establishing new restaurant or Café

Establishing new restaurant or Café

Establishing new restaurant or Café When entering a new restaurant or Café, the first thing that attracts customers and creates a sense of coziness is the interior design and decoration of the place. Comfort and familiarity encourage people to try out the outlet and keep revisiting. Customers tell their circles about the place through word of mouth and the venue becomes a hit.

Before starting the process of interior designing, you have to know the requirements suitable for the location. There are some general conditions, but each city or area has a special situation of its own. And based on our previous experience, we can help you design a unique decoration for your outlet.

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Restaurant & Café interior decoration

Our process includes

  1. We discuss together the project’s idea, its special features and the allocated budget.
  1. Initial design stage, the new project is divided into parts, and a dedicated team of our experts handles the different aspects (Interior decoration engineer – Electro-mechanical engineer – Operation specialist).
  1. We produce initial 3-D project layouts and discuss them with the client for any required changes before making a final decision.
  1. The design includes not only the décor and general ambiance of the place, but also the kitchen design, Service counter, and other services areas. The operation consultant coordinates with the Electro-Mechanical engineer to set the other services according to operational needs and equipment type and size. In addition, we design the electric fixtures, air-conditioning, ventilation and utilities grids to avoid any obstacles that may prevent the success of the operation.
  1. We continue to communicate and coordinate among the work team until the design is completed, checked and authorized.
  1. We create the executive boards of all the design details including décor and lighting, Aircondion, ventilation and all other finishing and electro-mechanical work.
  1. A good designing stage includes several changes and constant revisions until the final design is reaches. It’s worth noting that the interior decoration will last for many years, therefore, we pay good attention to all details so as not to waste time or money to fix wrong designs.
  1. We can handle doing the work or just supervise until the project is completed and delivered.
  1. We offer a one-year-guarantee on all the works done by our company.

Brand & Logo Design

A Logo complements the general design of a new brand, which is called the visual identity that should match the design of the project. Our work includes the following:-

  1. Create the design of the Logo.
  2. Design the Menu or flyers.
  3. Design the packaging materials (boxes, take-away bags).
  4. Design staff uniform.
  5. Design personal business cards and stationery.

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