1- What services can you provide?

Establishing and executing hospitality projects (Restaurants, Coffee shops and food outlets) providing the necessary initial services for new or existing projects.

2- What project class/category are you servicing?

We specialize in providing the best services for (3-star, 4-star and 5-star) projects.

3- What are the most popular services?

4- Can we choose only one or some services?

Yes, you can choose any single service or some of them as a package according to your needs.

5- What is your experience in this field or track record?

6- What is the cost of your services and how do you calculate them?

Each service is treated as a separate stand-alone unit, cost is calculated according to service type and time of delivery needed. The client will be notified of all related cost and delivery time before starting the service.

7- Do you provide management or operation of the project?

Yes, we have different options for full management, Operations management, or assist in the supervision of operation.

8- Do you finance the projects?

We do not finance projects in any way. Banks and private project funds are the only places from which you can get financial assistance. These places require a solid and sound feasibility studies, and that’s where we can provide you with our service, preparing a feasibility study for your new project.

9- Can you estimate the cost in advance before starting a project?

We can provide an initial estimate, however, it is much better to go for a feasibility study that accurately calculates the capital, the expected revenues and return on investment period in details.

10- Which parts of Egypt and the world do your services cover?

We provide our services in most parts of Egypt, all the GCC countries and we have previous experience in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

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